"Trip Shakespeare had a message for the world....but we forgot it"

"This Minneapolis quartet plays arty, intoxicatingly melodic pop, with some of the most convoluted, arcane lyrics imaginable. They are also great singers, solid songwriters, and unusually cheery in a world full of dour artists."   

                                                                                                                                       ~John Dougan

"...once of the brilliant, rococo-beat band Trip Shakespeare"                                                  

                              ~Rolling Stone, 1998

One night in the warmer months of 1991 at a club called Dobbs (now The Pontiac Grill) in downtown Philadelphia, I saw a concert that changed my life. It's funny how these things happen when you don't expect them to, and you don't even realize you've been so affected until 8 years later (1999) you spend 3 months joyously putting together a web page of an obscure, disbanded rock & roll band from the midwest. I expected nothing more than a welcomed night out. What I got was the musical experience of my life.

The band was Trip Shakespeare.

And my name is Kara.

Of course, the band broke up not too long after I discovered them, in the dark ages before the internet  explosion, and getting any information on this Minneapolis band was nearly impossible. But, with a lot of patience, persistence, and dedication I've managed to put together quite a collection of information.

Just follow the links!

But wait...the links have changed....and now it’s 2010 and it’s been almost 20 years since that show on South Street. I’ve been to Minneapolis 5 times (soon to be 6) to see these musicians who continue to make music so satisfying I can’t stay away.


The Music

The Musicians

The Memory

The Mystery

...The Minneapolis based psychedelic pop quartet is undeniably a hill of fun and their fluid spontaneity and contagious exuberance pulled me hook, line, and sinker into their irresistible realm of riveting revelry....

Their innovative musical style combines bittersweet mini-ballads with quirky surrealistic mindscapes merging feisty funkadelic jams with jingly sounding pop tunes. Mix this all together and you definitely have what bassist John Munson describes as wild stew!

The Trip Shakespeare mythology continues to evolve through the collaboration of brothers Matt and Dan Wilson (guitar and keyboards), John Munson (fretless bass), and the potent percussion of Elaine Harris who astonishes audiences through her ability to keep together the driving beat of the band while simultaneously staying on her feet the entire evening....

-Rosemary Sheola